Civil Lawsuits from Work-Related Injury

In general, North Carolina employees are prohibited from suing employers or coworkers in state or federal court for work-related injuries. If the employer and the employee are both covered by the North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Act, then injured employees must pursue injury claims under the workers’ compensation system. Even in situations where there was clear negligence, workers are not allowed to file a civil lawsuit. There are some exceptions, however.

Filing a Civil Lawsuit Against Employer or Co-worker

Employees may be allowed to file a lawsuit against their employer or another coworker in if it can be proven that the accident or work-related injury was an intentional act or the result of conduct that was substantially certain to result in death or injury. Intentionally or purposefully causing harm to an employee would fall outside of the Workers’ Compensation Act and an employee could then choose to sue the employer or a co-worker in court.

Third-Party Liability Claims for Work-Related Injuries

Sometimes there are situations when a third party is responsible for a work-related injury. Because the North Carolina Workers’ Compensation does not forbid lawsuits against others who caused your injury or illness, you may be able to file a third party civil lawsuit. Third-party actions must be pursued outside of the jurisdiction of the North Carolina Industrial Commission, typically under the jurisdiction and rules of a state or federal court. However, any recovery in the third-party action, whether by settlement or judgment, is subject to a lien in favor an innocent employer or carrier that paid workers’ compensation benefits as a result of the injury caused by the third party. An injured worker may not lawfully receive proceeds from a third-party action without following specific procedures set out in North Carolina General Statute § 97-10.2. This is a complex statute designed to ensure that the rights of innocent employers and carriers who paid workers’ compensation benefits as the result of injuries caused by a third-party are considered and addressed.

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