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Few things are as emotional and stressful as a divorce or separation. Our talented and knowledgeable staff understand the emotional turmoil and loss you suffer when considering divorce, not only for your marriage, but for the future you might have anticipated. Only time will help those things, but an experienced divorce lawyer and family law attorney can help you understand and protect your legal rights, provide objective advice and protect your interests, as well as those of your children, now, in this moment when you are most confused. To do so, we provide timely service, clear and consistent communication and an understanding of the full scope of your options. We have the right blend of expertise and care to handle your Greensboro family lawsuit needs, helping you and your family through this challenging time.

Choosing a Family Law Attorney

Experience and knowledge matter most. At Hill Evans Jordan & Beatty, we provide decades of accumulated knowledge of four lawyers. Two of our Family Law Attorneys are Board Certified Family Law Specialists, and two are trained Collaborative Divorce professionals and one is a Family Financial Mediator. We provide the experience, analytical and negotiation skill to place your legal interests first, so that you can dedicate your resources to rebuilding your emotional foundation. Contact our lawyers today to schedule an appointment to learn about your options and why working with our firm is the right choice for your Greensboro family lawsuit.

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The divorce and family law attorneys in our firm have extensive experience both in the courtroom and out, and represent clients in areas including:

A different approach

For those couples seeking a way through divorce without litigation, two of our lawyers are specially trained in Collaborative Divorce. The Collaborative Divorce Process focuses on agreement and creative problem solving and resolution to help families maintain their units even when living life separate and apart from one another. Whether your divorce is collaborative or traditional, our lawyers seek to employ resolutionary processes to help our clients through all applicable facets of the divorce process.

Our experienced divorce lawyers represent clients in Guilford, Randolph, Alamance, Rockingham and surrounding counties in all aspects of domestic relations and resulting Greensboro family lawsuits. Our attorneys have the experience to help you through all aspects of divorce and other family law matters from beginning to end.

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