Domestic Re-Adoptions

What is Domestic Re-Adoption?

If you have completed an international adoption of a child it is advised that you complete the process and obtain a domestic re-adoption at home, in the United States. A re-adoption is the process where a Court here reviews the international adoption decree and issues a new one under North Carolina law.

Why Re-Adopt?

Domestic re-adoption provides the following benefits and reassurances:

  • Ensures the child’s US Citizenship is protected, regardless of which state you may relocate to, and that the international adoption is not questioned in the future;
  • Protects the child’s inheritance rights;
  • Easier to obtain a birth certificate from the North Carolina Department of Vital Records;
  • You can change your child’s legal name;
  • Important documents can be easily replaced, and are less costly to do so; and
  • Domestic documents are accepted more readily by schools, governments and other organizations.

Adoption can be complex and time consuming and our attorneys are experienced with the laws and procedures for all adoptions. We are able to review your international adoption documents to assess your situation to guide you through all the necessary legalities required in North Carolina to finalize and complete your domestic re-adoption.

If you have questions or concerns about your international adoption and the process to domestically re-adopt your child, contact us for a consultation to ensure your parental rights are protected. Our family law team of attorneys include Board Certified Specialists in Family Law, specifically trained Collaborative Divorce Professionals, and an expert in adoption in North Carolina. Whether you believe that your situation is simple or complex, no adoption is easy. An experienced attorney can assist you in understanding the long-term impact your decisions may have. Collectively, our team brings a century of legal experience to your family law matter. Call our family law team at 336-379-1390 to schedule your consultation today.

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