Adult Adoption

It is possible to adopt a person over the age of 18, when this happens it is referred to as an adult adoption. Adult adoptions are used to create a true parent-child relationship.  An adoption of an adult is much simpler than the adoption of a child, however there are still various legal requirements that must be met. Our attorneys have extensive knowledge in adult adoptions and can assist you to ensure that all the legal requirements are fulfilled.

What is the purpose of an adult adoption?

You may be wondering why someone would want or need to adopt an adult. There are many reasons why these adoptions are growing in popularity. By legally forming a parental and child relationship you also ensure the following benefits:

  • Inheritance rights;
  • Access to insurance and social security benefits;
  • Access to medical records and important decisions; and
  • Name change.

What are the requirements?

The process of an adult adoption only requires that you obtain consent from three people. The adoptee, the adopting adult, and their spouse, if applicable. Since the person being adopted is over 18 it is not necessary to obtain the permission of their biological parents. The Court  may require notice of the adoption to biological parents, depending on the situation. In certain situations a court can grant a waiver of notice to be given, for cause.  Notice may also be required to be provided to any adult children of adopting person(s) and the adoptee, and the spouse of the adoptee.

If you have questions about adult adoption or if you are ready to proceed, contact us for a consultation. We can assist both the adoptee and adoptive parents. We are able to complete and file all the necessary documents with the court, and represent you in the court proceeding to finalize the adoption.

Our family law team of attorneys include Board Certified Specialists in Family Law, specifically trained Collaborative Divorce Professionals, and an expert in adoption in North Carolina. Whether you believe that your situation is simple or complex, no adoption is easy. An experienced attorney can assist you in understanding the long-term impact your decisions may have. Collectively, our team brings a century of legal experience to your family law matter. Call our family law team at 336-379-1390 to schedule your consultation today.

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