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If you are seeking to sell your business, to buy a business, or to merge with another business, our team of business law attorneys is well able to assist you through the entire process.


In a simple sale, the ownership of the business is transferred to a new owner. In an asset purchase, the buyer purchases select assets and select liabilities. In a merger, two companies will combine to operate as one.  The transaction to sell, purchase or merge requires a number of legal documents, such as letters of intent, sales agreements, bills of sale, non-disclosure agreements, guaranties, deeds, promissory notes, operating agreements, shareholder agreements, and non-compete agreements to be required.  The type of entity that the business is operating will affect what is required in selling, buying or merging.

If you are interested in purchasing a company, selling your company, or merging with another company, our team of business law attorneys can assist you so that your transaction is efficient and expeditious. Contact us for a consultation. Our firm’s business attorneys are experienced in a range of legal practice areas including tax, real estate, employment, worker’s compensation, bankruptcy, asset sales and intellectual property law. An experienced attorney can assist you to understand the long-term impact your decisions may have. Call our business law team at 336-379-1390 to schedule your consultation today.

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