Private Placement Adoptions

Private Placement Adoptions involve one or both birth parents making a plan to place the child directly with the adoptive parents for adoption.  Private Placement Adoptions are "open" adoptions, which means that the placing birth parents and the adoptive parents are entitled to know each other's identities and to receive identifying information about each other.  This is very different from agency adoptions, which are "closed," meaning that the adoptive parents and birth parents are not entitled to know each other's identities unless they execute a document allowing the disclosure of identifying information.  

Some advantages of Private Placement Adoptions over agency adoptions include:

  • Typically, the wait time to locate a child and make an adoption plan in a private adoption is shorter;
  • Adoptive parents frequently receive more health and background information regarding the child's birth parents and extended family members;
  • With newborns, adoptive parents typically take custody of the child at the hospital, allowing for more immediate bonding;
  • They provide both adoptive parents and birth parents with greater control over the adoption process; and
  • They allow adoptive parents and birth parents to meet and maintain some level of mutually agreed-upon contact post-adoption.     

Some of the steps in Private Placement Adoptions include:

  • The Home Study:  In North Carolina, the home study is called a Pre-Placement Assessment and is sometimes referred to as a PPA.  
  • Consent:  In a Private Placement Adoption, the placing parent or guardian must make a voluntary decision to place the child for adoption.  In North Carolina, a birth father can give such consent before the child is born, but the birth mother may not give her consent until after the child is born.  
  • Payment of Birth Expenses:   Under North Carolina law, "reasonable and actual fees and expenses" may be paid by the adoptive parents, but no other payments are allowed to be made to the birth parents.  

Michele Smith can assist you to help determine the expected costs related to an adoption, to provide support and guidance in resolving issues that arise between birth parents and adoptive parents during the adoption process and to create a plan for post-adoption communication between birth parents and adoptive parents, if desired.  

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