Questions to ask a Personal Injury Lawyer before hiring them

Most people think to ask questions about an attorney’s experience level and fees, but what about the questions people don’t know to ask? These considerations are crucial in ensuring that you not only find the best lawyer for your unique case, but that you avoid surprises along the way. With our extensive knowledge as Premises Liability Lawyers in Greensboro, NC, here are some other questions that you should consider when hiring an attorney. 

  1. What amount of your time can you commit to my claim? Find out if the attorney can personally dedicate the time your case deserves, rather than having just support staff working on the case. The more time a lawyer spends on your case, the more familiar the lawyer will be with the case. The more familiar the lawyer is with your case, the better your chances are of obtaining a favorable outcome. 
  2. What are the potential costs to pursuing my case, aside from your fee? A good personal injury attorney will bring forth all of the possible financial considerations so you can be prepared. It is very important that you understand what risks you face in any type of litigation. 
  3. If we lose, what are the possible case-related costs I should consider? Our justice system isn’t perfect, so there is always the possibility that a person might lose their case. We believe it’s important to have all the facts up-front, so you can make an informed decision on whether to move forward with your case or not. Many advertisements claim that you pay nothing unless you win, but experience has shown us that you really need to read the fine print of your contract with the attorney to make sure that is true. 
  4. What are some things I can contribute to the trial? Ask about the things you need to prepare to increase your chances of success. The more you participate in the preparation of your claim, the better your chances are and the more satisfied you are likely to be with the experience. 


At Hill, Evans, Jordan, & Beatty LLC, we are committed to making sure that clients are prepared for every step of the legal journey. Call us to schedule a legal consultation, where we will be able to look at your case objectively, so you can go forward with peace of mind.


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