On The Job Injuries

Types of Workers' Compensation Claims

Every employee from construction workers to office workers are at risk for being injured on the job. The Workers’ Compensation Act covers all varieties of workplace injuries and conditions that require medical care and/or result in lost wages or permanent physical impairments, whether caused by a fall, back strain, on the job motor vehicle accident, repetitive stress injury, exposure to dangerous substances, or any other work-related cause. Common worker’s compensation claims include, but are not limited to:

  • Construction worker injury claims
  • Nursing and home care professionals
  • Trucking, tractor, tractor trailer, and transportation worker claims
  • Industrial and factory worker injury claims
  • Farming labor injuries
  • Retail worker injury claims
  • On-the-job motor vehicle accident claims
  • Domestic servant injuries
  • Occupational disease claims
  • Work Related Injuries where others may be responsible

When you have a work related injury, a lawyer will assist you in getting the medical care you need and the compensation pay you are owed. North Carolina laws are designed to ensure that workers injured on-the-job are provided medical care and compensation during the course of recovery, so that individuals and families are not placed in jeopardy when injuries occur. Our lawyers can help you deal with your employer, your employer's insurer, your medical care providers and the Industrial Commission, which governs workers' claims for injuries against their employers in the state of North Carolina. Having a lawyer on your side provides relief from stress, as well as a sense of security that someone is on your side, helping to ensure your circumstances will return to normal as quickly as possible.

If you or someone you love has been injured on the job, it is important to seek the advice of a skilled and experienced workers’ compensation attorney. No matter how loyal you are to your employer, the insurance company is worried about one thing: Its bottom line. At Hill Evans Jordan & Beatty, PLLC, we are skilled litigators with years of workers’ compensation experience. We will fight for your workers’ compensation claim and for your future. Call us today at (336) 379-1390 or fill out our confidential contact form for more information.

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