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Our employment litigation attorneys are experienced in representing both businesses and employees in litigation before various administrative agencies and in state and federal courts. Equally important, our attorneys are experienced in advising businesses and individuals on how to avoid missteps and solve workplace problems without getting bogged down in extended litigation.

Employment litigation may arise out of contract disputes between employers and employees, state or federal antidiscrimination and anti-retaliation laws, or workplace torts. Although North Carolina is an “employment-at-will state”, there are many causes of action that arise out of the workplace in North Carolina. Depending on the conflict, there are different filing periods to preserve the claim, different forums where the claim must be presented (i.e. NC Department of Labor, NC Office of Administrative Hearings, EEOC, U.S. Department of Labor, state court, federal court, etc.), and different prerequisites to filing an action in state to federal court. Depending on the type of claim, different types of damages may be recoverable, such as back pay, front pay, liquidated, punitive damages, injunctive relief, etc. Whether you are a business owner or aggrieved employee, a Hill Evans employment attorney can help.

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