Copyright and Trademark Licensing

If you need to register a trademark, we will help you with the steps of the licensing process, including initial consultation and analysis of feasibility, working with the regulatory agency to get your license, and even trademark litigation should you find that someone else is using your product or intellectual property improperly.

Copyright and Trademark Registration

We can assist with federal trademarks as well as North Carolina specific trademarks. Whether you are seeking a license as an individual or your company needs to protect itself, we are here to help.

Trademark and Copyright Licensing Litigation 

It’s no secret that people and companies “borrow” ideas from others without permission, and our firm stands ready to assist companies and individuals who are involve in disputes over trademark or other intellectual property or technology licensing issues. We have the experience to assist in IP litigation, including:

  • Trademark infringement
  • Breach of license
  • License denials
  • Noncompliance by 3rd parties

If someone has infringed upon your trademark, you might be eligible for monetary damages if your case is successful.

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