Municipal & Police Liability

Our firm is one of only a handful in North Carolina with a team of attorneys that has decades of experience in defending municipalities and law enforcement agencies in liability cases.

Our police liability and municipal liability attorneys have a substantial track record in defending claims of wrongdoing including:

  • Excessive force by law enforcement officials
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Personal injuries
  • Wrongful death in city parks and recreation areas
  • Building inspections

The Benefit of Hiring A Municipal and Police Liability Attorney

Our municipal and police liability attorneys are skilled at negotiating settlements in cases where public officials or municipalities are accused of wrongdoing. However, our defense team also is willing and ready to defend municipalities and their employees in their roles as public servants.

The municipal and police liability attorneys in our firm have successfully defended clients in both state and federal courts, and have represented clients before the North Carolina Court of Appeals, the Supreme Court of North Carolina and the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals.

The attorneys in our municipal and police liability practice have deep knowledge of North Carolina’s municipal liability and immunity laws, and how these laws have been applied in the past by our state’s courts. Our firm’s municipal and police liability attorneys thoroughly investigate cases, review documents, interview witnesses and gather information to ensure our clients’ interests are protected and best served.

For more information on our municipal liability and police liability practice, contact our firm today.

Municipal & Police Liability Attorneys